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:: Sept. 22nd - Sept. 28th ::

Ever wanted know what set that part was from? Maybe what it was called? Put in a set number and see all its parts in this ultimate ser reference.'s Set Inventories

Check out the entry for set 3804 - the LEGO Robotics Invention System 2.0.

:: Sept. 29th - Oct. 5th ::
Have you ever wondered why two eyes are better than one? The same rule applies to robots.

Be Glad You're Not A Cyclops!

Check out the other cool space related stuff at NASA's Space Place.

:: Oct. 6th - Oct. 12th ::

This will take more LEGO® than you have in your standard Mindstorms set but it sure is amazing! Check out JP Brown's...

Rubik's Cube Solver

Check out the other cool stuff JP has built at his Serious LEGO® site.

To play with a online version of the Rubik's Cube go here.

:: Oct. 13th - Oct. 19th ::

ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility and is Honda's entry in the humanoid robot race.


ASIMO was based on an earlier design called the P3.

:: Oct. 20th - Oct. 26th ::
It's not exactly a robot site this week but a great introduction to the way gears work.

Check out the action at...
How Stuff Works

When your done looking at gears look over here to see How Robots Work.

:: Oct. 27th - Nov. 2nd ::

Try your hand at operating a robot remotely or turn on autonomous mode and see how your robot fares on its own.

Give it a try at the Tech's...
At Your Command.

Also have a look at the The Planetary Society's Red Rover Goes to Mars project for some LEGO robot related information on rovers.

:: Nov. 3rd - Nov. 9th ::

Take a look at this amazing listing of legged robots.

It's all in ...
The Walking Machine Catalogue

I also ran into this other fine list while skipping around the internet.

Just for fun take a look at this staggering list of Legged Locomotion Puns put together by the researchers at the MIT Leg Lab. I think you'll get a kick out of it.

:: Nov. 10th - Nov. 16th ::

This amazing creation will bring LEGO music to your ears.

Check out Henry Lim's...

...built entirely from LEGO.

:: Nov. 17th - Nov. 23rd ::


Ask Mom if you can use this to cut down the X-mas tree this season.

The Timberjack

Put one under your tree this holiday season! ;)

:: Nov. 24th - Nov. 30th ::

Your one stop shop for all things robotic!

This week marks the traditional kick-off of the holiday season. If you need to buy gifts for a robot enthusiast in your life a good place to start is...
The Robot Store

Check out these new robotic animals! Way cool!

Mechanical Dog
Mechanical Beetle
Mechanical Kangaroo

:: Dec. 1st - Dec. 7th ::

This week's site is an amazing robot platform built by Tobbe Arnesson of LoTek.

It's pretty cool. Be sure to have a look at the innovative drive mechanism on the...
The Killough Platform

Here are some links to some other Killough Platforms made with LEGO.

Leo's Killough's mobile robot platform
Mac's Small Killough Platform
Doug's Killough's mobile robot platform

Be sure to have a look at the other creations on the above sites. There's some pretty amazing stuff up there!

:: Dec. 8th - Dec. 14th ::

What can you say about Joe Nagata? Simply a LEGO Mindstorm genius

His very interesting assortment of creations can be found at...
Joe's Mindstorms Gallery


Here are a few of my favorites.

Move360 [k075]
Balancer A1 [k080]
Turing Machine [k025]

Wonder how he does it? You can find build instructions to several of his creations in his book: Joe Nagata's Lego Mindstorms Idea Book

:: Dec. 15th - Dec. 21st ::

It looks like 2003 is keying up to be an important year for Mars and robotics.

Be a part of history and participate in the...
NASA Name the Rover Contest

:: Dec. 22nd - Dec. 31st ::

With all the holiday eating this month I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at robots that digest food for power.

Feast your eyes on...
The Gastrobot

For a little more information take a look at one of these articles:   DiscoverSmithsonian Magazine

Do your own experiments with food and energy.
Make a Lemon Battery
Make a Potato Battery