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:: July 22nd, 2005 - August 1st, 2005 ::

So this might be a seasonal update? I'll try harder to get back to our weekly schedule.

Here's something for you to wrap your creative brain around. How would you like to design and create you own LEGO kit and then have it produced and sold by LEGO? It could happen to you after visiting...

- Take some lessons at LEGO Design School
- Download LEGO Digital Designer
- Check out previous design winners

:: April 20th, 2005 - July 21th, 2005 ::

Surprise! Something new this way comes...

Now available at a Radio Shack near you and destined be part of a new entry level robotics competition sanctioned by FIRST, a brand new robotics design system aimed at high school students that want the twitch of a remote control mixed with the advantages of a programmable micro controller. Get out your wallets and check out...

:: January 1st, 2005 - April 19th, 2005 :: (...oops! I've been a little busy.)

This week we bring back a little Rube Goldberg for you.

Steve Hassenplug has been in this spot before and this time it's for his latest collaborative creation. Steve is bringing this gizmo to the Robolympics in March so get out your LEGO and build a piece for...

Some of Steve's other creations:
-  The Legway
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