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cover Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms :...
This book covers quite a bit from the logic behind LEGO Geometry to implementing Pneumatics. The book is a fairly comprehensive read through the world of LEGO Mindstorms. It doesn't have any step-by-step building guides like some of the others but makes up for it with plenty of pictures of some facinating projects. If you had to buy one book, I would suggest this one.

cover Creative Projects with LEGO Mindstorms
Ben Erwin was one of the developers of Robolab. His book provides a fairly comprehensive introduction of LEGO Mindstorms as well as several good projects quite a few of which where done in classroom enviroments. He provides code examples in RIS Code, Robolab, NQC, and Visual Basic.

cover Jin Sato's Lego Mindstorms...
Jin Sato is renowned among LEGO circles as a master builder. His robotic creations are truly incredible. This book provides step-by-step instruction for several of his projects, the greatest if which is his AIBO like dog MIBO. There are code examples for each project in either RIS 2.0 or NQC. He provides great overviews of the basics plus quite a few building tricks. He ends the book with a section on how to render high quality images of your models by using MLCAD and POV-Ray.

cover Joe Nagata's Lego Mindstorms Idea Book
Joe Nagata's book has step-by-step instructions to complete several projects, including several different types of walking robots. Most can be built quickly if you follow the instructions carefully. The only drawback is Joe sometimes uses parts or quantaties of parts that aren't found in the typical Mindstorms kit. However, with a little thought and innovation it isn't to difficult to find a suitable replacement for most.

cover Definitive Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS...
Not published yet. This is the second edition of David Baum's Definitive Guide. David developed "Not Quite C (NQC)" for LEGO Mindstorms. Definately one to watch for.

cover Extreme Mindstorms
An advanced guide that has good introductions to PbForth and LegOS. The later half of the book is a comprehensive guide to creating homebrew sensors for your RCX.

cover Lego Mindstorms Interfacing
If you are completely bored with the basics and felt you've done it all, buy this book. It starts of with wireless applications and then goes deep into building sensors and client/server applications. There is some really fun stuff in here that you wouldn't think is accessible to Mindstorms.

cover Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas
Seymour Papert's 1980 book on constructionism theory and the Logo programming language. This is the book that gave the LEGO robotics products their name.

cover Robot Building for Beginners
Great book with accesible non-LEGO based robotics projects. It goes over a lot of basic electronics theory and robotics fundamentals as it guides the reader through making a robot from electronic components and things you might find around the house.

cover Robots for Kids: Exploring New...
A great book composed of many different experiences with children and robots. The stories span from an adult/child collaboration of a story-telling bot to toy makers and summer robot camp programs.

cover 30 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Projects Kit:...
The three books below combined into one boxed set.

cover 10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms: Dark Side...
Certainly if you have the Lego Mindstorms Star Wars Dark Side Developer kit at your disposal you will want to get this book. It stretches the kits usefulness quite a bit with step-by-step instructions for several interesting new robot creations.

cover 10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Ultimate Builder...
Looking for something to build? This book is basically a series of instructions for building some fairly advanced robots. The instructions are fairly straight forward comprised of nicely rendered balck and white images for each step. I did find a few minor quirks but nothing a little head scratching couldn't resolve. My favorites the Robot-Hominid and the DominoBot, which lays out lines of dominos that can be knocked over. Programs are provided on a website but are written in NQC (Not Quite C.

cover 10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Robotics...
Pretty much the same as above except there is no need to own the Ultimate Builders Set. The models in the book will possibly stretch your Mindstorms kit farther than it has ever gone before as some of them use quite a few pieces. Nevertheless, projects like the Aerial Tram, Missle Turret, LEGO Safe and RIS Art Turtle serve to show the flexibility and ingenuity that goes into projects created with LEGO Mindstorms.

cover LEGO Mindstorms Ultimate Builders Set
The LEGO Ultimate Builders set is a great addition to any LEGO collection. It includes many interesting harder to find parts and a some pneumatics pieces. Building instructions for serveral LEGO models are included on and enclosed CD.

cover LEGO Software Power Tools
LEGO Software Power Tools throughly covers the popular LEGO CAD programs, including MLCAD, LDRAW, and LPUB. Get started making your own instructions or just rendering your own creations in high resolution. Comes with a CD chock full of software.