Our Bot:

Spex, our bot, has gone through many renovations and even a complete replacement in the process of becoming the bot it is today.

Spex 2.4
Spex 2.4

Our bot has a common interface on the front end and an easy, flat surface in the back for challenges with rear attachments like Play Ball.

Play Ball:
Play ball is the first challenge our bot performs. Our bot has a big advantage compared to other bots because of it's speed. Although it occasionally misses the basket on the first try, the ball generally lands in our side and we usually get a second shot at the center target before the opponenent gets a first. Our attachment is designed to tip the ball into the center hoop or wherever we aim it. We have a touch sensor on it which detects that the attachment has fully tipped and dropped the ball.
Greg and Nick watch as Spex leaves base, preparing to play ball

CD Placement and Glasses Retrieval:
On the CD Placement and Glasses Retrieval, our bot's speed is once again an advantage, not just for round time concerns but the speed of the bot allows it to pop the CD off of it's holder and without going around everything, sliding the CD onto the case! Then, the bot moves backwards, turns, and approaches the CD. It uses a genius locking device designed by Zach to grab and hold onto the glasse to drag them into base.
Spex, leaving base to push the CD and grab the glasses

Bus Stops:
For the Bus Stops, we have a light sensor propped on top of the bot. When it senses the white flag, the bot spins around causing a rod to knock down the flag. After spinning about 180 degrees, it goes forward to return to base.
Spex with our bus stop mission attachment, preparing to leave base

Serve Dinner:
For the serve dinner challenge, our bot heads out of base as it does for the bus stop challenge. After leaving base several inches, it turns about 45 degrees to align itself with the unimpaired path to the dinner table. When a lever touches the table, it causes our attachment to release the food. The bot then reverses its path and returns to base.
Spex Serves Dinner

Pet Food, Gate, and Stairs:
This challenge is probably the toughest. Our bot leaves the base and heads towards the fence. When it reaches the fence, a lever causes a bucket typed attachment to dump the Pet Food into the patio. Then, the bot turns to the right to knock open the gate using the same attachment as it dropped the Pet Food with. The robot then backs up onto the stairs.
Spex as he launches the pet food