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Great job documenting your robot - I enjoyed reading through your site. I am especially impressed with the detailed journals your team kept of its progress! Keep up the good work.
Ben Andrews
Blacksburg, VA USA -
Hey Greg- This is your mom's cousin down on the Peninsula. Your website is so cool- you did a great job documenting all the work you guys have been doing on the Bot. Wish I could see it in action! Good luck with future competitions! Karen Meredith
Karen Meredith <>
Mountain View, CA USA -
Hey guys, your project was even better this year than last year! Aside from the great strengthening of your skills and abilities, I'm really impressed by the way your team has grown into a tight, respectful, patient, resourceful and mature group. Remember KISS... Mary (Greg's Mom)
Mary Intermaggio <>
San Rafael, CA USA -
Hey guys! You won medals--rock on!!! Keep up the good work, and who knows? there could be more candy in your futures!!! -Teresa C. :)
Teresa <>
San Rafael, CA USA -
You guys ROCK! We are so proud of you all and your hard work and dedication to FLL! Keep up the good work! You'll get 'em next time!
Rochelle <>
San Rafael, CA USA -
I loved looking at the website today. It was particularly fun to read over the journal entries. They gave me a really good idea of the challenges you were each facing and how you worked together as a team. You definitely should have won the Spirit Award! By the way, what is the story behind your bot's name?
Shannon (Mom to Gabe) <>
San Anselmo, CA USA -
I loved your spirit at yesterday's competition. You guys have become a real team! Great effort! Keep it going. Some of you may design the next generation of robots.
Peter Joseph <>
san anselmo, ca USA -
Going from 105 points to 153! I was so impressed with your new strategy. You worked together and pulled it off under pressure. Congratulations one and all for a terrific showing!
Lisa aka Z2's Mom
San Rafael, CA USA -
Well done, boys! I'm proud of you all. You showed great teamwork, patience, perseverance and thoughtfulness. Way to go!
Laura Tauber <>
Larkspur, CA USA -
Heya boys! I just wanted to be the first to sign your guestbook and congratuate you on a job well done!